Thursday, July 31, 2014

Applications: Measuring Tryptophan UV Fluorescence with the CLARIOstar

Tryptophan 3-D Model

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is also a precursor for other compounds important for normal function such as vitamins. Furthermore, tryptophan has been characterized for its fluorescent characteristics which have been employed in research endeavors such as protein folding analysis. BMG LABTECH has now characterized our newest instrument the CLARIOstar for its ability to perform tryptophan detection. The results of this characterization are presented in Application Note 254:' Tryptophan quantificaiton using UV fluorescence measurements on the CLARIOstar mult-mode microplate reader'.

The CLARIOstar has a unique system for wavelength selection with its LVF monochromator and  can use filters when necessary. In this application note another unique capability of the CLARIOstar is on display, it can combine the use of filters and monochromator! In this case a filter was used for UV excitation at 280 nm and the monochromator used to detect emission at approximately 360 nm. Furthermore, the CLARIOstar can automatically select the appropriate dichroic setting with its adjustable dichroic. The results for tryptophan sensitivity obtained with a filter in combination with the monochromator were compared to those obtained with filters alone and showed again the filter-like performance of the LVF monochromator!

For more information on the capabilities of the CLARIOstar please visit:

For a copy of this application note please the visit the Applications Center on BMG's website.

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