Thursday, June 5, 2014

Applications: HTRF Epigenetic Assays using the PHERAstar FS

Epigenetics remains a hot topic in the biological scientific community due to its role in cancer and autoimmune diseases. This field describes how the regulation of gene activity and expression are not solely dependent on genetic sequence but can be influenced by DNA methylation and histone modification.

Enzyme inhibition curves for three G9a compounds

In this application note we verify the performance of a Cisbio HTRF® assay that allows you to detect the activity of the histone methyltransferase G9a. G9a is a member of a class of enzymes that mediate the methylation of histone H3 and is an excellent epigenetic target due to its reported role in embryogenesis and cancer cell proliferation.

The use of laser excitation, HTRF® optimized optic module and matched PMT’s dedicated for TRF detection make the PHERAstar FS an excellent choice to perform this assay. Combined with BMG LABTECH’s MARS data analysis software you will be able to perform enzyme inhibition curve analysis quickly and easily with high quality data.

For more information please visit the Applications Page on BMG’s website or access the application note at the following web address:

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