Friday, October 11, 2013

Upcoming BMG LABTECH Events

Representative RT-QuIC data from BMG application note #232
Next week BMG LABTECH is proud to sponsor the Expanding Prion Horizons 2013 meeting at Colorado State University. Our involvement in prion research is due to the utility of the FLUOstar Omega in performing real time quaking induced conversion (RT-QuIC) assays. This fluorescence based assay monitors the accumulation of misfolded protein that is the hallmark of prion diseases. The RT-QuIC assay exhibits sensitivity equal to bio-assays that are much more time consuming and expensive.

Please stop by and meet one of the BMG LABTECH representatives during the meeting to find out more about the RT-QuIC assay and the performance of the FLUOstar Omega and other BMG LABTECH microplate readers.

For more information on this and other events which BMG will attend please visit the Events Page on the BMG LABTECH website:

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