Friday, September 6, 2013

Wednesday's Webinar Available on Demand at DDD

On Wednesday, September 4th BMG LABTECH presented a Drug Discovery & Development webinar in cooperation with Promega. The webinar entitled: ‘Enhanced Protein-Protein Interactions in Living Cells Using the NanoBRETTM Assay and CLARIOstar®’ describes the latest advances made by Promega and BMG LABTECH.

Promega’s new NanoBRETTM technology is the latest advance in BRET technology and provides users with improved ability to perform various protein-protein interaction studies in living cells. Promega presents data in this webinar that shows that the CLARIOstar ® is an outstanding microplate reader to detect this assay.

The CLARIOstar® is the new microplate reader from BMG LABTECH which features an advanced monochromator that employs linear variable filter technology. The result is filter-like performance with a monochromator that allows you to select both wavelength (320 to 850 nm) and band pass (8 to 100 nm)!

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