Friday, September 13, 2013

Recent application notes on

In the past week three new application notes have been posted on the BMG LABTECH website.

The first, AN 240, describes how a BMG LABTECH customer used his PHERAstar to design a FRET-based assay to create a screen for inhibitors of a bacterial protein. The bacterial protein is involved in producing the bacterial cell wall and is therefore essential for many bacteria to survive. Therefore inhibitors of this protein could represent novel antibacterial drugs.

Ball-and-stick model of the C55-isoprenyl pyrophosphate molecule (also known as undecaprenyl pyrophosphate), an essential molecule in the construction of some bacterial cell walls.
The other two application notes, AN 244 and AN 245 describe the use of the CLARIOstar to perfrom the Transcreener® ADP2 assays from BellBrook Labs. The assays employ either fluorescence polarization or fluorescence intensity detection to monitor ADP production. These assays can be used to quantify enzyme activity when the reaction creates ADP as by-product thus allowing you to monitor enzymes such as kinases or ATPases. We are proud to say that the CLARIOstar performance was excellent and that it attained certification to perform either assay.

For more information on these and other applications visit the BMG LABTECH website and visit our Applications Center.

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