Thursday, August 29, 2013

CLARIOstar is Showcased at ELA in Hamburg Germany

The new CLARIOstar&reg high performance microplate reader with Triple Detection Technology - filters, spectrometer, and new advanced LVF MonochromatorsTM - was recently shown at the European Laboratory Automation conference in Hamburg Germany.

The CLARIOstar&reg is the perfect multimode microplate reader that does not compromise on sensitivity, speed, or flexibility. It is the only microplate reader with Triple Detection Technology, and it is the only microplate reader with next generation LVF MonochromatorsTM. The LVF MonochromatorsTM, being based on linear variable filters, have filter-like performance in sensitivity and in bandwidth flexibility (8 to 100 nm adjustable bandwidth).

Click here to watch E.J. Dell discuss BMG LABTECH's new CLARIOstar&reg microplate reader.

Find our more about the CLARIOstar&reg here. 

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