Thursday, August 22, 2013

Applications Thursday: Viral Replication Assay's

Electronmicrograph of Herpes virus.
George W. Beran

In the recently published PLoS Pathogens article entitled: 'A Systematic Analysis of Host Factors Reveals a Med23-Interferon-gamma Regulatory Axis against Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Replication' a group of European collaborators use the POLARstar Omega from BMG LABTECH to assess viral growth. They do so using viruses that have had fluorescent protein sequence incorporated into their genetic material. The result is they are able to assess growth over time to gain an understanding of the role of host factors at all stages of the virus life cycle.

Since they wanted to monitor the effects 7,237 human genes they needed the capabilities of the POLARstar Omega that allowed them to perform higher through put and use 384 well plates. Since they were monitoring cells for the effects over time; from 24 hours to 80 hours post infection; the optional Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) is very beneficial in these types of studies. The ACU allows you to control carbon-dioxide and oxygen levels in addition to the temperature control which is standard on the POLARstar Omega.

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