Tuesday, June 18, 2013

FAQ: Is the CLARIOstar certified DLReady?

image of the thermostable Firefly Luciferase
(Photinus pyralis), taken from pdb 2d1s.
In yellow are the bound Adenosine and luciferin analoge.
 Drawn by PyMOL
Author: Yikrazuul
Based on the results presented in BMG application note 239 we can proudly answer: yes!

In order to attain DLReady status a microplate reader must show that they meet several performance criteria. The CLARIOstar exceeds all these criteria. Although this is not unexpected as other microplate readers from BMG LABTECH, such as the Omega and Optima, have previously received certification it is useful to have the performance of the CLARIOstar confirmed.

The DLR (Dual Luciferase Reporter) Assay remains a frequently used approach to perform transcriptional regulation analysis. The DLR certification of the CLARIOstar is one more indication that with the CLARIOstar anything is possible!

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