Tuesday, May 7, 2013

FAQ: Will the CLARIOstar be able to perform cell based assays?

The Direct Optic Bottom Reading capabilities available on the
CLARIOstar outperform Fiber Optic options.

Since the CLARIOstar employs the same Direct Optic Bottom Reading capabilities that were introduced in the PHERAstar FS you will be able to perform any assay with either top or bottom reading. This is a truly direct, free air system and the automatic switching, which is controlled by the software, moves the appropriate mirrors into place to focus light onto the bottom of the plate.

To enhance detection, the CLARIOstar can also perform a z-height adjustment to assure that the region in the well where optimal signal is being produced is where you  are measuring. The adjustment is performed in 0.1 mm increments and scans the entire height of the well. This adjustment is especially useful when detecting a signal which is localized to adherent cells.

In short the CLARIOstar will be able to perform cell based assays by combining the proven capabilities of BMG LABTECH's HTS readers with the ability to use filters, monochromators or both.

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