Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FAQ: Can the CLARIOstar perform emission scanning?

The CLARIOstar was introduced at EB 2013
The Advanced Mononchromator, which is only available on the CLARIOstar from BMG LABTECH, allows you the freedom to select any wavelength from 320 - 850 nm and adjust the bandwidth from 8-100 nm. These capabilities assist in the performance of emission scanning, which can be helpful in trouble-shooting the use of new fluorophores or luminescence protocols.

Furthermore, the filter-like performance of the Advanced Monochromator is characterized by high transmission and excellent blocking of stray light. This means that the CLARIOstars Advanced Monochromator provides the greatest sensitivity possible. The sensitivity using the Advanced Monochromator is superior to that reported for other monochromators and is even superior to many filter based instruments. As a result emission scanning can be performed at lower enzyme concentrations even in luminescence.

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