Thursday, May 30, 2013

Applications Thursday: The RTQuIC assay at Prion 2013

RTQuIC data generated on the FLUOstar Omega
BMG LABTECH application note 232 describes the use of the FLUOstar Omega plate reader to perform the Real Time Quaking Induced Conversion (RTQuIC) Assay in order to measure prion levels in infected samples. This technique was first described in work done at Rocky Mountain Labs in Montana and based on what we saw at Prion 2013 it is being used extensively. Fifteen different posters specifically employed the RTQuIC assay and numerous oral presentations also showed data that employed this assay.

Of particular note was the work of Davin Henderson from Colorado State University. Davin is studying prions and their role in Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). CWD is the disease state that is exhibited in cervids such as deer and moose. This seems to be a particularly transmissable prion based disease because of the fact the prions in CWD are peripheralized and may be passed to other cervids in the saliva or waste of the animals. As a result Davin is seeking a way to screen cervid populations so that infected individuals can be isolated. He was able to perform RTQuIC  on saliva from deer in which the prion proteins had been first precipitated with phosphotungstic acid.

We at BMG are glad that we can help in some small way by providing instruments like the FLUOstar Omega that make a test like RTQuIC possible. The shaking and temperature control capabilities that make the RTQuIC possible are available on all BMG LABTECH microplate readers, including the new CLARIOstar.

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