Thursday, May 16, 2013

Applications: Screening of recombinant CHO-M1 cells using the PHERAstar

Due to their influence on a number of cellular functions; G protein coupled receptors represent a major group of therapeutic targets. The main immediate effects of GPCR activation are changes in cAMP levels or calcium in the cell.

Dose response of carbachol with cells from a growing
culture (fresh cells) and from frozen cells
BMG LABTECH application note 193 describes the use of the Cisbio HTRF IP-One assay to perform a screening of CHO cells expressing the muscarinic receptor M1.The PHERAstar microplate reader from BMG was used to first assess the function of CHO-M1 clones. Subsequently the PHERAstar was used to assess if there was any difference in using cells that were growing in culture versus those that had been previously frozen. We found that the EC 50 for carbachol was very similar in both fresh and frozen cells. Furthermore, robust assay quality determinants; Z' factor and signal to blank ratio; were seen in fresh and frozen cells as well.

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