Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FAQ: What is dual-spectral luciferase?

Dual luciferase assays have become the standard assay when information on the effect of regulatory elements and proteins with regard to regulation of gene expression is desired. Dual luciferase assays use one reporter to measure the test conditions while the second serves as a control for transfection efficiency and cell viability. Typically this has employed sequential activation of test and control with requisite quenching.

Filter selection allows the POLARstar Omega to detect
Red Firefly luciferase and either Green Renilla, Gaussia
or Cypridina luciferase simultaneously.

The use of spectrally resolved forms of luciferase allow for the detection of two luciferases in one sample simultaneously without quenching. The POLARstar Omega from BMG LABTECH is ideally suited for monitoring activity from two luciferases in a spectrally resolved manner. The performance of the POLARstar Omega using the Thermo Scientific Pierce Dual Spectral Luciferase assay is described in application note 233
now available at bmglabtech.com.

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