Thursday, April 11, 2013

Applications Thursday: Three assays in one well

An application note was recently added to the BMG LABTECH website entitled: 'Three assays in one well: Antimalarial compound library screening using the FLUOstar Omega'. It describes development of a screen to detect inhibitors of three metalloaminopeptidases (M1, M17 and M18). The goal of this screen is to find novel antimalarial agents as these enzymes play a significant role in the survival of the parasites that cause malaria.

Kinetic curves obtained from the M1/M17 fluorescent assay.
Figure is taken directly from the MARS data analysis software.

This application highlights the multimode capabilities of the FLUOstar Omega which allows the user to monitor both fluorescence and absorbance in the same well. As a result the effect of a single inhibitor on all three peptidases could assessed simultaneously. Fluorescent detection of the cleavage of methylcoumarin by M1/M17 could be measured at 335 nm excitation and 460 emission and absorbance at 405 nm is indicative of M18 cleavage of a nitroanalide substrate. In this way a 400 compound library was screened in a day.

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