Friday, September 21, 2012

Focus On: Lab Manager’s Product Focus: Microplate Readers

Angelo DePalma recently published a product focus for Lab Manager on microplate readers. Dr. E.J. Dell from BMG LABTECH is quoted, as well as several other experts in the field from differing companies. Their views and thoughts are captured in this article, including upcoming trends in microplate reader technology and the things to consider when purchasing a new microplate reader.

Here is an excerpt:
According to Dell, during the past five years microplate readers have undergone “major advances that have broadened their use” and have “transitioned from being a luxury item in a well-financed facility to being a mandatory piece of equipment for a new start-up laboratory.” BMG LABTECH has introduced technologic advances related to absorbance detection and bottom reading (required for cell-based assays).
Read more from the article here:

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