Thursday, September 20, 2012

Applications Thursday: Label-free Protein-Protein Binding Kinetics Using SoPRano(TM) Gold Nano Rods

Pharma Diagnostics’ standard SoPRano™ Gold Nano Rod (GNR) kits now allow KD, ka and kd to be simply and rapidly derived without the need for expensive dedicated SPR instrument. The new SoPRano™ kinetics application is enabled exclusively on BMG LABTECH spectrometer-based absorbance readers via a dedicated software upgrade, uniquely delivering real-time, solution phase kinetics for protein-protein interactions in cuvettes or microtitre plates (96 and 384-well).

As previously reported, Pharma Diagnostics’ SoPRano™ label-free platform has been certified to work on all BMG LABTECH microplate readers that have a CCD spectrometer, delivering high-quality, automated label-free analysis for end-point assays, IC/EC50 and KD determination for protein-protein interactions (Application Note 230). The addition of the new SoPRano™ kinetics application and software, now adds real-time kinetics data generation ability, thereby delivering a powerful and relatively inexpensive tool for all aspects of protein-protein interaction research.

For more information see Application Note 231: Label-Free Kinetic Measurements Using SoPRano™ Gold Nano Rods (GNRs) and a Spectrometer Microplate Reader.

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