Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inside Applications: Label-Free SoPRano™ Gold Nano-Rod (GNR) Assays

 λmax red-shifts upon conjugation.

Fig. 1: Proteins are conjugated to Gold Nano Rods via the free amine of the protein using EDC and sulfo-NHS. The graphs show how the λmax red-shifts upon conjugation.
Point The SoPRano™ label-free assay requires full spectral analysis to determine the maximum absorbance wavelength (λmax)
Point In <1 sec/well, BMG LABTECH spectrometer-based instruments can capture a full spectrum (220-1000 nm)
Point With full spectral analysis the change in the spectrum that is seen upon binding to GNRs is instantly captured
The label-free SoPRano™ kits enable users to design and run microplate-based homogeneous assays for high quality protein-protein interaction analysis based on Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR). The interaction of a ligand with surface immobilized protein causes a concentration dependent significant wavelength shift. The spectrometer-based from BMG LABTECH (including the PHERAstar FS, Omega Series and SPECTROstar Nano) are the optimal instruments to run the SoPRano assays as a spectrum is taken in less than 1 second per well.

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