Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Did you know there is a promising new type of vaccine for kidney cancer that also shows potential for other cancers?

Researchers at the University of Tubingen in Germany have published results of a vaccine that promise as a treatment for renal cell cancer (RCC). The vaccine consists of different tumor-associated peptides (TUMAPs) which activates the body’s own immune system to recognize and to attack the cancer.

The phase 1 results show that T cell responses of the patients to multiple TUMAPs were associated with better disease control and with a lower number of FOXP3 T-cell regulating proteins, which is usually found in excess in patients with tumors. The phase 2 results showed that a preconditioning dose of cyclophosphamide, which has been found to enhance active vaccination strategies, confirmed that immune responses to TUMAPs were associated with longer overall survival. A randomized phase 3 study is underway and will determine the clinical benefits of the vaccine.

As noted by one of the researchers, the principle applied here shows that active immunization against cancer antigens identified in cancer cells can be used for all types of cancers. Similar vaccines are ongoing for bowel, prostate, glioblastoma, and ovarian cancers.

Read the published article at Nature or read more about this article at Science Daily.

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