Thursday, July 5, 2012

Applications Thursday: ELISAONETM - A One-wash Fluorescent ELISA Application

A new ELISA detection system, ELISAONE™, from TGR BioSciences allows for faster, easier ELISAs in one hour. A key feature to the ELISAONE™ system is there is no sequential adding and washing of antibodies. The analyte and both antibodies are added together to allow solution-phase binding. Then after one wash step, the samples can be measure using a fluorescence microplate reader with an excitation at 540 nm and an emission at 590 nm.

The ELISAONE™ assay can be used on any of the following BMG LABTECH microplate readers

  • PHERAstar FS
  • PHERAstar Plus
  • POLARstar and FLUOstar Omega
  • POLARstar and FLUOstar OPTIMA
  • NOVOstar
The ELISAONE™ detection system is both robust and sensitive as evidenced by the data presented in the application note for the detection of EGF, TNFα and IL-2.

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