Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inside Applications: Analyzing the Free Amino Nitrogen Content in Food and Beverages such as Beer or Wine

trypsin activity Point Ninhydrin-based assay detects free amino nitrogen (FAN) in beverage and food analysis
Point Scaling down the original assay reduces reagents and limits waste
Point SPECTROstar Nano is the optimal reader to measure absorbance in cuvettes and microplates
The nitrogen content in beers is a quality parameter and needs to be determined in ppm. A Ninhydrin-based standard absorbance assay was reduced in volume and transferred into a 96-well microplate format. Optimization of parameters such as pH and buffers were performed on a SPECTROstar Nano from BMG LABTECH, an absorbance reader for microplates and cuvettes. The integrated spectrometer allows taking spectra over time and the MARS data analysis software shows overlay plots of all measurements.

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