Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun Fact: Most Cited Scientific Article of All Time

The Lowry protein concentration determination paper is the most cited publication in science of all time. As of January 2004, it had been cited over 275,000 times. Here is the original publication in the Journal of Biological Chemistry in 1951:
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Lowry's method was based on the Folin-Ciocalteu “Phenol Reagent” method of protein determination (1). Lowry determined that the Folin-Cioalteu phenol reagent (phosphomolybdic-phosphotungstic acid) would readily bind to proteins treated with copper. The bound reagent was reduced over time, resulting in a color change from yellow to blue, which could then be used to determine protein concentration using a spectrophotometer, such as a microplate reader.

The Lowry assay is easily done on any BMG LABTECH microplate reader that has absorbance capabilities.

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