Friday, June 8, 2012

Focus on Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) detection in food and beverages that will be used in fermentation.

One of the most common experiments performed around the world is that of the Free Amino Nitrogen or FAN assay. This commonly used assay in the food, beer, and wine industry is needed to determine the amount of “usable” protein and nitrogen that is present in a food sample (grape juice, mash, wort, dough, etc.) for proper fermentation to occur. If there is too little free nitrogen, there is not enough fermentation; if there is too much free nitrogen, there is too much fermentation that can lead to spoilage. The FAN assay replaces the Kjeldahl assay and it has been recently adapted to a microplate format.

Learn more about performing the FAN assay on the SPECTROstar Nano microplate here:  A New Way to Test the Free Amino Nitrogen Content in Alcoholic Beverages with the SPECTROstar Nano

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