Monday, June 4, 2012

FAQ: What are the most common Food Analysis assays performed on a microplate reader?

The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Antioxidant Capacity) assay is the most common food analysis assay performed on a microplate reader. Using a BMG LABTECH FLUOstar OPTIMA, Dr. Ron Prior at the University of Arkansas  adapted the ORAC assay to the microplate format. Now it is used by thousands of food scientists to determine the antioxidant capacity of any food or biological substance.

The Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) assay using ninhydrin is another commonly used food analysis assay that has just been adapted to the microplate format. The FAN assay measures the amount of usable protein or nitrogen that is available in food and beverage products for yeast to ferment. Dr. Gary Spedding and colleagues miniaturized the FAN assay on the SPECTROstar Nano, making it more reliable while using less material.

Photo by: User:Daderot
The ORAC application note can be found here: ORAC Assay Performed on the POLARstar Omega and PHERAstar FS microplate reader.

The FAN application note can be found here: A New Way to Test the Free Amino Nitrogen Content in Alcoholic Beverages with the SPECTROstar Nano 

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