Thursday, May 3, 2012

New P-glycoprotein (PGP) Assay to Study Drug Interactions

Using a cell-free system of reconstituted liposomes, the Fluorosome®-trans-pgp assay from The Fluorosome Company allows for the specific testing of the P-glycoprotein pump for drug interactions. Previous pgp assays like the Caco-2 use whole cells to study the pgp. Using whole cells can take weeks to get the perfect assay conditions, furthermore whole cells have other pumps that may skew results. The Fluorosome®-trans-pgp assay uses purified pgp that is reconstituted into a simple liposome, creating an easy to use, pure system to test pgp and drug interactions. In a recent publication, the IC50s for some common pgp inhibitors were calculated using the Fluorosome®-trans-pgp assay and were comparable to the published literature. The Fluorosome®-trans-pgp assay was developed on BMG LABTECH’s NOVOstar microplate reader, and recent studies show that the PHERAstar FS can obtain that same results using 5 times less sample, saving significantly on cost.

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