Friday, May 25, 2012

New Gene Maybe Key to Male Birth Control - SNP Detection with FLUOstar OPTIMA

Image: Gilberto Santa Rosa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Using a SNP Genotyping System (Chemicon) and a BMG LABTECH FLUOstar OPTIMA microplate reader, researchers analyzed sterile mice to find what gene mutations may be present. Kitanin p80 subunit, an evolutionary conserved microtubule protein, was found to have a vital role in sperm maturity. Specifically kitanin seems to be involved in male meiotic spindle assembly and dissolution, as well as the removal of midbody microtubules, and thus cytokinesis.  Katanin p80 also seems to control the formation, function, and dissolution of a microtubule structure involved in defining sperm head shaping and sperm tail formation. Perturbed katanin p80 function results in male sterility characterized by decreased sperm production, sperm with abnormal head shape, and a virtual absence of progressive motility. Collectively these data demonstrate that katanin p80 serves an essential and evolutionarily conserved role in male germ cell development. The researchers suggest that blocking kitanin p80 function may result in male infertility, which could lead to a non-steroidal method of birth control for males.

 Read the full article here from the current issue of PLoS Genetics: An Essential Role for Katanin p80 and Microtubule Severing in Male Gamete Production

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  1. A similar article about the KATNAL1 protein and male fertilization was also found in that PLoS Genetics publication by some of the same authors:


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