Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inside Applications: Monitoring Intracellular cAMP with Lonza's cAMP biosensor

  • Luminescence based cAMP measurements in hMSC
  • Poietics™ Primary Sensors utilized
  • LUMIstar Omega upgradeable luminescence microplate reader used to monitor dose-dependent cAMP responses
In this application note we show that changes of intracellular cAMP concentration can be monitored with the help of primary cells in a LUMIstar Omega microplate reader from BMG LABTECH. Primary human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC)were modified to allow a luminescent readout utilizing GloSensor chemistry from Promega. EC50 values consistent with published data as well as a Z´value of 0.7 facilitate the use in high-throughput formats.

Take a look at the entire application note Monitoring Intracellular cAMP with hMSC cAMP biosensor using the LUMIstar Omega  here:

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