Friday, May 4, 2012

Focus on Presentations and Posters from Analytica 2012

If you missed BMG LABTECH at Analytica 2012, you probably also missed the new and exciting microplate reader technology on display, as well as posters and presentations that are now possible for download:

BMG LABTECH’s innovative microplate reader technology was showcased at a well-attended Biotech Forum presentation by Dr. E.J. Dell. Here he discussed how to use BMG LABTECH's unique ultra-fast, UV/Vis spectrometer in a microplate reader, highlighting how all absorbance assays such as DNA, RNA, and ELISA can all be improved with this unique technology. The ultra fast UV/Vis spectrometer is available in the Omega Series, the PHERAstar FS as well as the SPECTROstar Nano.

The unique UV-Vis spectrometer technology was further displayed in two posters, one measured the conversion of the cofactor NADH (Detection of NADH and NADPH with the Omega´s High Speed, Full UV/Vis) and the second measured the metallation of tetraphenylporphyrin (TPP) with zinc (Ultra-Fast, UV/Vis Spectrum Analysis Optimizes Chemical Reactions on a Microplate Reader). A copy of Dr Dell’s presentation, as well as the poster presentations, can be requested at

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