Monday, May 7, 2012

FAQ: I have a new microplate type that is not in your software. How can I get this plate to show up in my software?

Answer:  All of BMG LABTECH’s microplate readers have an extensive library of common plate types by manufacturer and plate size.  As new plates are introduced into the market we incorporate as many as possible into our latest versions of software. You can request a software update to get new plate definitions. Or you can add a new microplate type to your library at any time.

All of our software allows you to enter the dimensions of the plate provided by the manufacturer:

While our latest instrumentation, including the Omega Series, SPECTROstar Nano and PHERAstar series of readers allow you to automatically do a Plate Mapping to create a new plate entry or to verify the dimensions of an existing plate (especially high density 1536- or 3465-well microplates):

For more information of software updates and to check and see if you have the latest software versions, see:

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