Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Did you know the new Omega software allows users to link complex methods to simple, app-style buttons?

Using the new Omega software, even first time users can run advanced methods with the press of a single button. With a list of over forty predefined, pre-installed protocols in the software, users do not have to worry about using the wrong settings for their protocol. From simple absorbance and luminescence assays such as DNA, Bradford, BCA, DLR®, ADP-Glo®, and NADH to complex time-resolved or AlphaScreen® assays like HTRF®, LanthaScreen®, Lance® and AlphaLISA®, the new Omega software allows researchers to run error free protocols for their assays of choice.

For more information on the other outstanding features found in the Omega Series of microplate readers, visit: http://www.bmglabtech.com/products/microplate-reader/omega-reader-family.cfm

HTRF is a registered trademark of Cisbio International.
DLR and ADP-Glo are trademarks of Promega Corp.
LanthaScreen is a registered trademark of Invitrogen Corp.
AlphaLISA, Lanceand AlphaScreen are registered trademarks of PerkinElmer, Inc.

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