Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did you know that BMG LABTECH has another new microplate reader that is based upon light-scattering and that can be used for compound solubility or cell growth assays?

As showcased at Analytica 2012, the NEPHELOstar Plus is a new laser-based nephelometer that is perfect for HTS drug solubility studies and for cell growth assays in a microplate. The NEPHELOstar Plus, which uses the principal of light-scattering, obtains larger dynamic ranges in microplate drug solubility and cell growth assays than competing instruments that use turbidity.

What is NEW with the NEPHELOstar Plus?

New Features – The NEPHELOstar Plus uses a more stable photodiode detection system that has lower background noise and a more stable signal than previous systems. In addition, the overall measurement counts, relative nephelometric units (RNUs), have increased to 2,000,000 RNUs/second.  
New Software – The NEPHELOstar Plus uses the new ribbon style menus, incorporating many key features, shortcuts, and hints found in the Omega family of microplate readers.

New Accessory - The NEPHELOstar Plus can now be accompanied by BMG LABTECH’s unique Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU), which independently regulates both CO2 and O2 inside of the microplate reader chamber. When performing cell growth assays, the ACU will optimally regulate the atmosphere for any cell type. In addition, the ACU can be used to mimic biological conditions such as hypoxia to see the effect on cell growth.

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