Thursday, April 5, 2012

Applications Thursday: Five Different Luciferase Reporter Constructs Easily Allow for Multiplexing Cellular Assays in a Microplate Reader

Lampyridae2Five new reporter assays that have been derived from different luciferase genes have been developed by Pierce Protein Research Products (a division of Thermo Scientific). The five luciferase products are Gaussia, Gaussia-Dura, Cypridina, Green Renilla and Red Firefly. These reporters have greater sensitivity over other traditional reporter constructs. In addition, using specialized broad band filters of >40 nm, these luciferase reporters can be multiplexed for real-time, in-cell analysis of various cellular processes like promoter activity, signal transduction pathways, and drug effects. Using either Flash or Glow assay reagents, these luciferase reporters can be used singly or as multiplexed assay in a BMG LABTECH microplate reader.

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