Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun Fact: Extra Gene and Brown Fat Result in Reduced Cancer Rates….and, Perhaps, Longevity

Mice induced with an extra copy of the tumor suppressor gene, Pten, may have not only a reduced occurrence of cancer but also an associated increased propensity for leanness and longevity. Researchers may have located these benefits in the larger amount of brown fat found associated in mice with an extra copy of the Pten gene. Brown fat burns instead of stores calories and may result in anti-aging benefits that correspond with the reduced cancer rates. Another benefit of the extra Pten gene seems to be leanness, even with increased appetite. Possible implications - boosting Pten activity and brown fat may be an avenue to pursue in searching for the pharmaceutical fountain of youth.

To find out more, visit Science Daily

or read the entire article in Cell Metabolism:

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