Friday, March 16, 2012

Focus on Microplate Readers for HTRF®: PHERAstar FS the New HTRF® Reader of Choice

The RUBYstar microplate reader was introduced to the HTS market over ten years and it quickly became the gold-standard for HTRF® experiments. After a decade of being the premier HTRF® microplate reader, it has now been displaced by the multidetection PHERAstar FS. The PHERAstar FS has a separate, Simultaneous Dual Emission, direct photon counting system, allowing it to obtain the best signal-to-noise ratio in all HTRF® assays. In addition, the PHERAstar FS incorporates a UV pulsed nitrogen LASER for the highest possible excitation energy. To learn more about the PHERAstar FS and HTRF®/TR-FRET measurements, visit BMG LABTECH’s website or ask your local representative.

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