Monday, March 19, 2012

FAQ: What are the advantages of the ACU over other Gas Control systems for microplate readers?

The Atmosperhic Control Unit (ACU) has several advantages over other gas control sytems. The ACU provides fully regulated independent control of both O2 and CO2 levels within the microplate reader. Unique to the Atmospheric Control Unit, the gases are regulated independently, meaning that any combination can be programmed without the need to change the cylinders or piped gas supplies as is the case with other systems.

O2 levels can be programmed into the system between 1 - 19% and the concentration is monitored and maintained using a calibrated electrochemical sensor that provides accurate control. CO2 can be added to the chamber and is monitored giving accurate control of CO2 between 0 - 20%. The superior control of the valves regulating the gases ensures that once the reader is equilibrated there is a minimal consumption of gases.

In combination with the temperature control and unrivalled shaking options, the ACU accessory provides a true ‘walk away’ solution for long term cell based assays. The ACU is perfect for all cell type assays including mammalian, tumor, stem, bacterial, fungi, and yeast.

For more information on the Atmospheric Control Unit, visit: or watch the two minute video below.

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  1. Really, this instrument regulates both carbon dioxide and oxygen independently from each other? With mixed gases CO2/O2 costing more than $200 per bottle and individual gases costing less $50 each, that will greatly save on money!


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