Monday, March 26, 2012

FAQ: Can I also measure low-volume samples on the FLUOstar Omega?

Answer: Yes. Using the LVis Plate, it is possible to measure low volume samples in absorbance mode with the FLUOstar Omega.

BMG LABTECH’s low volume LVis Plate is compatible with BMG LABTECH’s SPECTROstar Nano and the Omega platform of absorbance spectrometer-based microplate readers and  features sixteen microdrop well sites for 2 µL samples. This allows resarchers to  substantially save on DNA, RNA, or protein samples when using the LVis microplate.

Coupled with BMG LABTECH’s latest control and analysis software, taking low volume measurements is as easy as pressing a single button in the software. The integrated software also has simple, single button operations for testing the quality or cleanliness of the LVis plate, as well as a set up wizard to precisely blank each individual microdrop well. With the latest software, researchers will spend time running samples and not instrumentation.

For more information on performing low volume meausurements with the LVis plate, visit:

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  1. This is a great solution to DNA quantification needs. Now I can do my low volume assay's on the same instrument I use for all of our other assay's. A much better value than dedicated low volume instruments.


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