Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Did you know that there are new versions of the Omega and MARS software packages?

The Omega software now fully supports BMG LABTECH's LVis Plate. This unique ultra low 2 uL DNA detection plate allows for DNA quantitation of up to sixteen low volume samples. Additionally, using the horizontal cuvette placement, it is possible to read standard rectangular cuvettes for rapid, full UV-Vis absorbance spectrum analysis of individual samples for kinetic studies or quick experiments. In addition, MARS now has built in templates to analyse all your DNA data ensuring that you’ll be out-performing your old single channel DNA instrument in record time.

For more information contact your local BMG LABTECH representative:

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  1. Sweet way to incorporate low volume analysis in your existing plate reeader, and the new software has some amazing features. BMG Labtech analysis software is so advanced you will NEVER export your data to Excel again.


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