Monday, January 9, 2012

FAQ: What is the advantage of the UV Laser on the PHERAstar FS?

The UV Laser is of great importance when doing TR-FRET measurements such as HTRF®, LanthaScreen® and Lance®. The UV laser,  when compared to a xenon flash lamp, allows users to obtain a larger assay window with the same data quality in a shorter period of time.

For terbium based assays in 1536-well plates, there is more than a 50% larger assay window and the total read time is decreased to under a minute. Due to the greater sensitivity of the UV laser, it is possible to use fewer reagents per well thus saving costs.

Users will be able to investigate more compounds or different targets at the same overall cost, due to the reagents and time saved by having the UV laser on the PHERAstar FS.

In this article, the UV laser on a PMT-based instrument is compared to a xenon flash lamp in a CCD-based device. Note how the PHERAstar FS reads the plate twice as fast while having a 3x larger assay window:

HTRF is a registered trademark of CisBio International.
LanthaScreen is a registered trademark of Invitrogen Corp.
Lance is a registered trademark of Perkin Elmer Inc.

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