Friday, December 9, 2011

Focus on UV/Vis Spectrometer

BMG LABTECH is the only microplate reader company that offers spectrometer technology in a multimode microplate reader. The next generation HTS microplate reader PHERAstar FS as well as the entire line of Omega microplate readers offer a multi-mode platform with an incorporated UV/Vis absorbance spectrometer (220 - 1000nm). The SPECTROstar Nano also offers a UV/Vis spectrometer for absorbance measurements in Microplates (up to 1536-well format), cuvettes, and low-volumes. 

The spectrometer incorporates a highly efficient optical grating and a solid state array detector that allows the measurement of light intensity throughout the UV and visible parts of the spectrum. Similar to a monochromator, but much faster, the spectrometer allows you to capture the entire UV/Vis spectrum of a sample within one second per well – no scanning needed.
Using a spectrometer, users never have to worry about setting or tuning different wavelengths for their absorbance assays, or be concerned that they don’t have the data after the measurement. The spectrometer will capture full absorbance data at a resolution of 1 nm for all wavelengths from 220 to 1000 nm. Read times faster than one second per well are possible. If the user needs absorbance data at one, two, three or more wavelengths, it will always be available. For faster results or to keep data collection to a minimum, users can also capture data for only one wavelength or up to eight different wavelengths per assay.

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