Monday, December 19, 2011

FAQ: Which Optic Modules are available from BMG LABTECH?

BMG LABTECH has produced hundreds of assay specific Optic Modules for dyes, fluorophores and luminophores for customers around the world. Below is a short list of the most popular assay and fluorophore specific Optic Modules in use today.

AdaptaTM Coumarin Fluorescein mOrange TAMRA
AlphaScreen® Cy5TM HTRF® MTT Rhodamine
AMC DAPI Kinase-GloTM Nano OrangeTM Texas Red®
Alexa Fluor® Dyes  EDANS Luciferase Omnia Kinase tdTomato
Beta-Lactamase EGFP, EYFP, etc. mCherry PicoGreenTM TranscreenerTM
Chroma-GloTM Far Red mStrawberry PolarScreenTM Z-LyteTM

If BMG LABTECH has not constructed an assay module that a customer requests, our scientists research the assay parameters and will make recommendations. This partnership between BMG LABTECH and our customers ensures that the correct module is built for their assay and gives customers the freedom to run the assays they choose. With BMG LABTECH’s Optic Module system, the customer is in control. 

Chroma-Glo and Kinase-Glo are trademarks of Promega Corp. Adapta, NanoOrange, PicoGreen, PolarScreen, Z-Lyte and Alexa Fluor are trademarks of Invitogen Corp. Texas Red is a registered trademark of Invitrogen Corp. AlphaScreen is a registered trademark of Perkin Elmer Inc. HTRF is a registered trademark of Cisbio International. Transcreener is a patented technology of BellBrook Labs. Cy3b and Cy5 are trademarks of GE Healthcare.

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