Thursday, December 15, 2011

Applications Thursday: Measure femtogram quantities of dsDNA

Point Invitrogen's PicoGreen® assay was utilized to quantify dsDNA in 384-well HTS format
Point Only 10 µL of sample is needed minimizing raw sample and waste
Nucleic acid quantification was performed on the PHERAstar Plus microplate reader from BMG LABTECH in fluorescence mode. With only 10 µl of sample femtogram DNA quantities could be determined fast and easily saving precious raw material and minimizing waste. The multi-user software package includes BMG LABTECH's established Reader Control and comprehensive MARS Data Analysis Software allowing easy step-by-step calculations of every wished evaluation.

Find out more about this application in BMG LABTECH's Application Note 211:
Measure femtogram quantities of dsDNA on the BMG LABTECH PHERAstar Plus

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