Thursday, December 1, 2011

Applications Thursday: Measure femtogram quantities of dsDNA

BMG LABTECH has just released a new application note:

Measure femtogram quantities of dsDNA on the BMG LABTECH PHERAstar Plus from Ben Ferneyhough and Nick Parkinson at SBL UK, Abingdon, UK.
  • Nucleic acid quantification was performed on the PHERAstar Plus microplate reader in fluorescence mode
  • Invitrogen's PicoGreen® assay was utilized to quantify dsDNA in 384-well HTS format
  • Only 10 µL of sample is needed minimizing raw sample and waste
In the modern molecular biology laboratory, DNA samples are a precious commodity, where only small amounts can be sacrificed for quality control analysis, preserving the majority for downstream applications such as Next Generation Sequencing. These samples often contain very small amounts of DNA and so a technique has been developed to measure DNA to femtogram levels using low volumes (10 µL), utilising a high throughput well-plate format. 

With the Quant-iT Picogreen reagent Invitrogen provides a solution for measuring low concentrations of DNA. This, together with Cambridge Biosciences AccuBlue enhancer, makes it a highly sensitive fluorescence assay for dsDNA detection.

This application note will investigate the use of very low volume DNA samples in a 384 well plate format on the BMG LABTECH PHERAstar Plus microplate reader using the Picogreen reagent in combination with Cambridge Biosciences AccuBlue enhancer.

To read the entire application note, visit:

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