Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Promising Drug Target for the Treatment of Malaria

In collaboration with the MMV (Medicines for Malaria Venture) the Drug Discovery Unit at Dundee University have reported “rapid progress” in efforts to develop a new treatment for malaria. They have identified two compounds that show promise in fighting malaria. For more information on this project visit:

The Dundee Drug Discovery Unit (DDU), founded in 2006 in the College of Life Sciences University of Dundee, aims to translate basic science into lead compounds to validate putative drug targets, and to use as tools to investigate disease pathways and, when appropriate, advance to pre-clinical drug candidates. The DDU has two major research focuses which are, neglected tropical diseases and innovative targets and pathways.

Currently the DDU uses the FLUOstar OPTIMA and NEPHELOstar to further their research in these fields.

For more information on the DDU, visit:

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