Friday, November 11, 2011

Focus On – Kinases

Kinases are key regulatory enzymes involved in many cellular processes, making them prime targets for drug discovery and disease prevention. Kinases phosphorylate or add a phosphate group to different substrates (proteins, lipids, etc) by converting ATP to ADP, thereby activating or blocking a particular signaling pathway. Kinases were classically measured via radiolabelled ATP, but in the past decade new less harmful fluorescent assays have been developed that allow kinases to be explored more readily.

One particular assay that stands out is the universal kinase Transcreener® ADP2 assay from BellBrook Labs, it measures the accumulation of the ADP by-products. A variety of BMG LABTECH microplate readers have been certified by BellBrook Labs to perform Transcreener ADP2 TR-FRET / fluorescence intenstiy / fluorescence polarization assays.

At our Applications Center, you can learn about this and other non-radiolabelled kinase assays that can be performed on BMG LABTECH microplate readers.

 Transcreener is a patented technology of BellBrook Labs.

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    Thank you very much for your ideas to post comments. Kinases are particularly prominent in signal transduction and co ordination of complex functions such as the cell cycle, which belong to a single superfamily whose catalytic domains are related in sequence...


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