Friday, November 4, 2011

Focus on Decay Curve Monitoring

Decay Curve MonitoringDecay Curve Monitoring is a unique BMG LABTECH technology that is an indispensable tool for troubleshooting an assay or for fine-tuning parameters for optimal performance. Using this feature, decay curves can be collected for one or two wavelengths with a user-selectable resolution down to 2 µs. Assay performance can be improved by altering the measurement start time or the measurement integration time. Areas in the measurement protocol can also be identified and altered to increase the count rate. While other TR-FRET microplate readers simply give a value for the area under the curve, BMG LABTECH microplate readers with Decay Curve Monitoring offer much more.
The Decay Curve Monitoring (DCM) feature was first employed in BMG LABTECH’s RUBYstar and is now a standard feature on the PHERAstar FS and PHERAstar Plus HTS microplate readers. It is especially useful for TRF, TR-FRET and AlphaScreen® assays.

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