Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did you know there is an alternative method to absorbance for studying compound solubility and microbial growth?

The NEPHELOstar from BMG LABTECH is a unique microplate reader that uses the properties of light scattering (or nephelometry) to measure the amount of particulates in a solution. The more particles that are in solution, like precipitated drugs or yeast colonies, the more they scatter or diffract light that is directed at a sample. Light scattering or nephelometry has several advantages over absorbance measurements, such as providing a wider dynamic range and more accurate measurements in solutions with higher optical densities (i.e. OD > 3.0).

Two examples of using nephelometry to measure microbial growth can be found in the applcation notes listed below:
  • Nephelometric Monitoring Growth of Candida albicans Using BMG LABTECH’s NEPHELOstar
  • Monitoring of Microbial Growth Curves by Laser Nephelometry
For these and more examples of the uses of the NEPHELOstar for nephelometric measurements, click here.

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