Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Did you know that the PHERAstar FS has dual emission detection when reading from the bottom of the plate, as well as from the top?

This allows for faster read times and more accurate data in all dual emission assays such as FRET, BRET, TR-FRET, Fluorescent Polarization, and HTRF®.

Furthermore cell-based assays like GeneBLAzer®, Tango®, and Voltage Sensitive Probe® will all benefit from the PHERAStar FS’ unique direct bottom reading with dual emission detection.

 For more information on the PHERAstar FS, visit: http://www.bmglabtech.com/products/microplate-reader/instruments.cfm?product_id=19

BMG LABTECH has also published numerous application notes on various assays including HTRF® and Voltage Sensitive Probe®. Visit our Applications Center to view these application notes and over 2800 references using our microplate readers.

GeneBLAzer, Tango, and Voltage Sensitive Probe are trademarks of Invitrogen Corp.
HTRF is a registered trademark of CisBio International.

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