Thursday, November 3, 2011

Applications Thursday: Cohabitation and Cooperation in a Complex World

Congratulations to Dr. Joanne Fothergill from the University of Liverpool, UK. Her proposal Cohabitation and Cooperation in a Complex World  was chosen as a runner up in our SPECTROstar Nano competition.

Bacteria in their natural environment form complex, interacting communities. This is also true for bacterial infections of animals and humans, where much of the diversity that we see may be driven by microbes interacting with each other and not with the host. I propose to perform an interdisciplinary project to investigate and model social interactions within a microbial biofilm and determine the effect of other species on interactions within species. I will investigate how these interactions affect the generation of diversity and alter fitness within the population. This project will exploit an in vitro model for natural biofilm formation, coupled to next generation sequencing and molecular microbiology techniques.

For more information on what experiments she proposes to perform using the SPECTROstar Nano, take a look at her proposal at:

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