Friday, October 14, 2011

Focus on: Well Scanning

Under normal reading conditions, most plate readers take a single measurement in the center of each well. For cell based assays where the cell distribution is uneven a single center well reading is insufficient. In some cases, a single center point read that may miss cells or material in the outer edges of a well.

For cell based or non-homogeneous assays, BMG LABTECH has added a unique feature to many of its microplate readers to overcome this problem. With the Well Scanning feature user can choose to take multiple measurements or scan a full well with up to 30 x 30 measurement points. 

The software is able to display each scan point graphically and create a map for each well. For data analysis one can average all the data points, remove sections or data points, determine cv’s and more. Displaying data is quick and graphics such as a 3d color map can be visualized in MARS Data Analysis Software.
Well Scanning is available for the OPTIMA series, Omega Series, PHERAstar Series, and SPECTROstar Nano.

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