Thursday, September 1, 2011

Applications Thursday: Using the SPECTROstar Nano for plant protetection research

SPECTROstar Nano Competition Runner Up

Dr. Belkis Peteira Delgado-Oramas, National Center for Animal and Plant Health, Cuba - Proposal on the use of SPECTROstar Nano for plant protection research

Five different researchers at the National Center for Plant and Animal Health in Cuba plan to use the SPECTROstar Nano to aid in the development of several techniques associated with their research. The mission of the Department of Plant Protection within the Institute is to preserve the plant health in Cuba to ensure food security, taking as premises the environmental care and a sustainable agriculture. A piece of equipment like the SPECTROstar Nano would greatly help in the work of the entire department for a variety of applications including measuring DNA, protein and enzymatic assays.

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